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MEGA TREND Inorganic Coating System (Bottle only)

MEGA TREND Inorganic Coating System (Bottle only)

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System includes:
MEGA TREND Inorganic Coating 50ml x 1
Foamed Cotton Applicator x 1
ERASER Instant Lubricant & Cleanser 4oz. x 1
AUTOSCRUB Cleansing Sponge x 1
Microfiber Detailing Towel 16" x 16" x 3

Physical Data:
Coverage per Oz. >20 sq. feet
Solid Content by Wt. >30% ± 2%
UV Condensation Exposure (ASTM D4587) >5,000 hours
Salt Water 5% >3,000 hours
Effective Film Thickness 1-3µm
Pencil Hardness (ASTM D3363) 7-9H
Adhesion (ASTM D3359) 5B
Heat Resistance 798 ºF
VOC Content 29.9994 grams/l

By using advanced inorganic diamond class carbon technology, NANOSKIN MEGA TREND is a hydrophobic, anti-static and weather-resistant nano coating that shines and protects your vehicle like nothing else! MEGA TREND works on the molecule level in 10 nanometers to transform the surface. MEGA TREND contains inorganic diamond class carbon, tungsten steel and basalt, which create an extremely hard finish that minimizes fine scratches and is durable. Once treated with MEGA TREND, your vehicle will repel water and contaminants, and it will maintain a clear, reflective, showroom like shine. MEGA TREND cannot be removed by water, alkaline or other detergents, or by pressure washers. One application can last up to 3 years.
Applies to clear coats, wheels, exterior glass & head lights.

Thoroughly wash vehicle free of dust, sand, and dirt.
Mist sufficient ERASER onto the surface evenly, and glide with AUTOSCRUB Cleansing Sponge back and forth to remove bonded contaminants with no pressure.
Wipe off ERASER with dry clean lint-free microfiber towel.
Apply MEGA TREND to the special Foamed Cotton Applicator. Wipe product over a 2' x 2' area.
Allow the product to cure for 30 Seconds to 1 Minutes, then continually buff the applied area with dry clean lint-free microfiber towel until glossy.

DO NOT use under direct sunlight.