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Item Code: EG-X001 An innovative pneumatic tool to clean carpet & upholstery interior Blasts low moisture cleaning solution with unique "Ball Bearing" engine Designed to clean without oversaturating the surface. Product Brochure
Item Code: EG-X005 The EVERGREEN X5 creates a powerful vortex that quickly removes debris, lifts dirt and dust, and dries moisture from hard to reach areas such as dashboard seams and vents.
$ 129.99
Item Code: EG-1001 • Turns your favorite shampoo into super thick, long-lasting foam• The suds (2~8 µm) cling to vertical surfaces without running off• Longer presoaking time than traditional foamers  The Shampoo Gun turns your favorite car shampoo...
Item Code: EG-1003 • Cleans engines, wheels, tires, vents, trunks, door jams, etc..• Pressurized cleaning brush easily breaks down stubborn dirt and grease.• Green solution – 10L/hour water consumption. The Multi-Function Cleaning Gun gently loosens stubborn dirt. No...
Item Code: EG-1006 • A blow & suction gun• Breaks down stubborn dirt then suck simultaneously• Increases vacuum efficiency and power up to 50%   The Dust Collector Vacuum Gun is a blow & suction gun when...
Item Code: EG-1009  
$ 249.00
Extractor gun packs all the features of EVERGREEN into a lightweight, convenient cleaning geek. Perfect tools for professionals. A hypersonic-like cleaning action with detergent mist efficiently releases dirt and grease on short to medium pile...

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