Multi-Function Cleaning Gun

$ 149.99

Item Code: EG-1003

• Cleans engines, wheels, tires, vents, trunks, door jams, etc..
• Pressurized cleaning brush easily breaks down stubborn dirt and grease.
• Green solution – 10L/hour water consumption.

The Multi-Function Cleaning Gun gently loosens stubborn dirt. No separate brush is needed! The air flow from the gun vibrates the bristles for constant, effortless cleaning. The cleaners/water come from separate inner infusion tube, so it creates sufficient lubrication when the surface is being brushed. The Multi-Function cleaning gun is perfect for cleaning delicate or hard-to-reach surfaces, such as engines, wheels, tires, vents, trunk, door jams, etc.. Best results are achieved by pre-spraying the detergent and allow it to presoak for 30 seconds, then agitating the surface with the gun with water. 


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